Join our club and participate in the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Good Companion Awards. Each level brings new challenges for you and your dog to work on whilst being sure to enhance your relationship. We aim to work to support each other in a group learning environment and will arrange additional outdoor practices throughout the term. All classes are mixed ability, small in size to enable individual progression. You do not have to be assessed at the end of each course, you may opt to take assessment every other course or just participate for fun without the assessments!

Next 6 week course held in East Molesey beginning Monday 5th March at 20.15 (no class 12th March or Easter Monday).


If you haven't already completed any training with Dogmestix, please contact us first to see if this is the right course for you and your dog!

Stage 2 - Foundation

Exercises include:

Lead Walking


Jumping up

Self control around food and toys

Leave it

Play manners

Acceptance of handling

Self control and frustration tolerance exercises around other people and dogs, doorways and getting in and out of the car

Stage 3 - Progress

Exercises include:

Foundation exercises with higher requirements such as more refined lead walking, longer stays, faster recalls. 

Higher level 'leave it'


Send away

Scent work

Stage 4 - Jubilee

Exercises include:

Highest level requirements on all previous exercises such as recalls, stays and greeting behaviour with high distractions.

Emergency stops

Tricks in succession

Off lead heel-work

Object indication