Please email or call for booking availability

my apologies, New customer training 1-1s no longer offered in Surrey, only within 5 miles of po13 due to relocation. Behaviour services still offered in Surrey, existing customers can still book all services in Surrey if available. zoom consults are still available nationwide

if you are unsure which service is right for you or cannot find a suitable appointment please contact me. 

advice on getting your dog or puppy - £30 (phone consultation)

Welcome home packages:

£140 for 3* 1-1 visits (50mins - 1hour)

£270 for 6* 1-1 visits (50mins - 1hour)

1-1 Training sessions = £50 per session (50mins - 1hour)

training packages if paid in advance and within 3miles of weybridge:

£140 for 3* 1-1 visits (50mins - 1hour)

£270 for 6* 1-1 visits (50mins - 1hour)

Behaviour consultations = £200 for full consultation (2-3 hours) with a behavioural modification plan and 1 follow up session (approx 1 hour) at an agreed later date. Additional sessions are £50 per hour. where appropriate, additional phone or skype consultations can be offered at £45 each.

As my availability is limited, full Payment for services should be made upon booking to reserve your appointment.

please see my terms and conditions for my cancellation policy.

travel outside a 3mile radius of training venues costs £10 per additional 5miles.

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