Services we offer:

Advice on getting the right dog or puppy

Are you considering getting a dog or puppy but need some help finding and choosing the right one? 

Or are you thinking of rescuing or rehoming a dog but want some guidance in what to look out for in order to choose a dog that is right for you? 

I can arrange a phone consultation to discuss any queries you may have prior to welcoming your new addition to your home. 

Welcome Home Package  

Bringing a new puppy or dog home is an unforgettable experience, but can easily become a little over-whelming for you and them. We know that puppies learn most in their 'sensitive socialisation periods' however, taking them to puppy class before they are vaccinated isn't an option. The settling in period is crucial to behaviours that your new family member may show in the next few weeks and months, so it's incredibly important to ensure that these are behaviours you want to see more of, and not the contrary! We also hear that word 'socialisation' being batted around all the time, but getting it right is about achieving the balance between doing too much and too little. In particular for puppies, this needs to be done very carefully in a relatively short time. This is a package of 3 home visits tailored to your puppy or dog as an individual. We will help give advice on safe socialisation, toilet training, sleeping arrangements and common issues such as mouthing, chewing, digging, barking etc. You may even wish us to accompany you on your first walk and of course we will give plenty of guidance on teaching your dog/puppy to come back to you. This package comes with access to online resources, and a phone consultation should you need advice in-between sessions. 

Training house visits

For existing clients who either need a break or need someone to pop in when work/life commitments mean they don't have as much time for training as they may like. 30min or 1hour visits for a trainer to work on current training, enrichments and stimulation, as well as incorporating a toilet break. The owner does not need to be present but does need to be having regular 'catch ups' in order to know how to maintain the behaviours taught. 

1-1 training sessions

Such as recall training, lead walking, toileting, and other training of your choice eg. tricks, obedience behaviours.

Behavioural consultations

Sadly, many people believe that they have done something to create their dogs unwanted behaviour and live life blaming themselves.  However, genetics and early life experiences are hugely influential in how a dog copes with situations, and some or all of these factors can be out of our control. If your dog has a problem behaviour, I will help you understand why this is the case and move forward with you and a plan to modify the behaviour. This includes behaviours such as excessive barking, separation issues, aggression and fear/anxiety related issues. Behaviour consultations aim to set you up with a plan for ongoing behaviour modification and management. Please feel free to call or email me if you would like to discuss your dog as an individual.