Sian Ryan, Life Skills trainer's thoughts on Life Skills

Next Course dates are:



21st May - East Molesey at 19.00pm - 6 weeks left, still availability to join! 

*Upon booking you will also receive access to our guest area, with recommended resources on common puppy training queries, such as toilet/crate training, mouthing and more!

1-1 training sessions are discounted for course attendees to help you with any additional training and support you need along the way*

The Life Skills concept is different to your average training class. Dr Helen Zulch and Professor Daniel Mills of the behaviour clinic at the University of Lincoln developed the course as a result of treating many behavioural problems. Therefore, this course has been developed with an emphasis on problem prevention. For this reason, the concepts are more than basic obedience, they are about teaching your puppy or dog to make the right choices.

This is a 7 week course that has a strong focus on dog/owner communication & relationship, to empower you for real life situations and problem prevention. Upon confirming your place you will also be given access to additional online resources. We will teach key skills such:


- Come back when called

- Leave it

- Drop 

- Stay

- Body positions such as sit/down

- Walk nicely on lead

- Accept being handled

- Settle

- Focus

- Appropriate play

However, we focus on encouraging the puppies to act in a manner that we don't need to have to cue them constantly in order to have them behave. 

1-1 Lifeskills training for dogs and puppies courses are also available for those who need more flexibility, or whose dogs would benefit from more individual attention. They are also a perfect option for those of you that have not yet welcomed your puppy into your home as we can prepare you for their arrival, and start training very early, when learning opportunities are at their best. 

Life Skill 1 - I have confidence

Life Skill 2 - I like surprises

Life Skill 3 - I like to be touched

Life Skill 4 - I can't do everything I want, when I want to; I don't get everything I want, when I want it

Life Skill 5 - I can be calm

Life Skill 6 - I know (and can follow) the rules

Life Skill 7 - I can listen

Life Skill 8 - I have good manners and can say "please"

Life Skill 9 - I need help to make the right choices

Life Skill 10 - I have the right to be a dog and express my opinion politely

Please note, the first class is approx 1hr 15mins long and is without your puppy.

The puppy course is suitable for puppies under 20weeks old at the start of the course and having had at least their first vaccinations. 

In order to keep the classes small (max 6 puppies), we are unable to offer refunds or cancellations within 2 weeks of the course start, so please ensure you are able to make all dates. 1-1 sessions can be purchased for missed dates if this is not possible and you still wish to participate in the group classes. Cancellations between 2-4weeks will be charged 50% of the course and cancellations more than 4 weeks prior to the course commencing will be charged a £10 admin fee. 

We offer an 'open door' policy to local veterinary staff as we believe working together is crucial to enhancing a dog's life. Vet visit preparations and handling are one of our key focus points in the Life Skill 'I like to be touched'.