Talking Dogs Scentwork 


Have you seen scent detector dogs in action on TV and always wanted to give it a go?  Want to try something different with your dog?  We are lucky enough to be hosting TDS trainer Louise Bater for these workshops from July.

Begin your fabulous scentwork journey with your dog and tap into their natural ability to detect particular scents with their amazing sense of smell.  We'll teach your dog to search for a specific scent and be rewarded via an active indication.  With just 8 handler spaces you get to have lots of searches throughout the workshop and so many interesting facts to learn too. Spectator places also available. Handler places £95 for 1 handler & dog, spectator places £45 per person

Minding Manners Workshop

Is your dog impulsive? A little over the top when it comes to getting his own way? Does he barge through doors with the excitement of getting outside or jump all over everyone who dares to say hello to him? Does he insist on rushing over to greet every other dog, sometimes with you hanging on the end of the lead getting towed behind? Impulse control is something many dogs struggle with and can result in high levels of frustration. In this workshop we show you how to teach your dog manners in a way that he can learn without getting too frustrated. We show you how to break down the behaviours so that he becomes more focussed on you and enjoys learning. The principles are those that you can practice in different areas of your life so that your dog learns that being patient pays! We have 2 APDT trainers and a maximum of 8 dogs so plenty of help at hand.

Rocket Recall Workshops:

Are you struggling to recall your dog? Does he come sometimes but not all? Distracted by squirrels, other dogs or people? Then this workshop is for you! In week one we will teach you the learning theory and foundation of a great recall, and week 2 will build on what you have learnt, testing your dog with distractions and fun games for you both. As we are partnering with behaviour expert Kassie Woods for this workshop, you will have 2 trainers on hand to ensure you get the best from the sessions. This session is only for 8 dogs max, so book now to reserve your place! These workshops are held outside

so please dress according to the weather!

Loose Lead Walking Workshops:

Does your dog pull on the lead? Are walks frustrating for both of you? This workshop teaches you the learning theory behind why your dog consistently pulls, even when you tell them not too and shows you how to teach your dog not to pull by using kind, effective training methods. We don't use any harsh equipment or methods as these are not needed when you learn good training skills. Partnering with behaviour expert Kassie Woods and with only 8 dogs max at each workshop, you will have plenty of help to learn the skills you need. Held outside, please do check the weather and dress accordingly!

Misunderstood Mutts Workshops:

For dogs that growl or bark at other dogs and/or struggle to focus on you in their presence. Due to the nature of this workshop, dogs must be assessed by one of us in a 1-1 session beforehand. If your dog is suitable then you will be welcome to book on any or all of these workshops, which involve getting your dog used to being around other dogs in a controlled environment. Strictly very small classes with 2 trainers, please call to book these sessions.

Fun Dog Workshop:

Looking for some lighthearted fun to have with your dog? Need something that will get their brains working without being too serious? Partnering with Kassie Woods animal behaviour for additional attention. This workshop is full of fun games, tricks and tasks to learn with your dog, to help build relationships and improve your training skills. £30 for 2 hours, max 8 dogs. This workshop is held outside so please dress according to the weather!